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Magna-Power expanded its popular 1U SL Series programmable DC power supply line to 10 kW with the introduction of 18 new models. The SL Series now spans 127 models from 1.5 kW to 10 kW, up to 1500 Vdc and up to 250 Adc, with continuous full-power operating at ambient operating temperatures from -25C to 50C and zero clearance required on top and bottom.

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Combining the DBx Module ultra-high precision add-on module, EtherNet/IP communications, BDx Module blocking diode, and a 40 kW TS Series 8U power supply in a Magna-Power 12U CAB1. Read more on X or LinkedIn
A complete integration of power supplies and electronic loads for testing locomotive power converters, featuring two 15 kW TS Series power supplies with Integrated Blocking Diode (+BD) option and one (1) 10 kW ALx Series 2400 Adc MagnaLOAD in a 36U CAB4. Read more on X or LinkedIn
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