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Magna-Power is supporting Ford on a very large build-out for their electric vehicle program in Michigan. Pictured here is 1 of 6 shipments for Ford, each shipment containing 4x 100 kW TS Series power supplies with integration into a standard Magna-Power rack. These shipments are in addition to several smaller shipments of 6x 50 kW TS Series in 24U racks for the same program. This opportunity was developed and supported by Tony Seccia and the rest of the team at Magna-Power’s Michigan representative Measurement Instruments.

4x 100 kW TS Series power supplies integrated into 2x CAB-A4/480SP+IP2 racks with custom integrations

This Partner Communication addresses how Magna-Power handles this type of customization and volume:

Phased Shipments

To support this customer’s phased lab buildout and balance production allocation with our available capacity, Magna-Power is providing a staged shipment for this large order. Magna-Power offers customers the ability to schedule deliveries up to 12-months from the date of order. When possible, by providing this longer-term delivery schedule, the customer is able to lock-in pricing and guarantee production allocation for a given date. In addition, particular for direct sales, we offer quantity discount schedules based on the total order volume over this 12-month period, providing the customer the opportunity to receive a larger discount.

For Ford, the lead-time for this order was our standard published lead-time for the first system of 4x 100 kW TS Series, and another set of 4x 100 kW TS Series units every 2 weeks until the order is fulfilled.

Custom Integration

The TS Series products pictured are packaged in our standard 36U CAB-A4. Our standard rack integration includes:

  • A heavy duty rack frame
  • Casters
  • Eye hooks (single 19” racks only)
  • Blank panels to fill any gaps
  • Access panels in the rear for installation by an electrician
  • Top mounted fans with integration/control transformer to turn on only when the power supply is switched on

In addition to just installing the products into the rack, the customer also opted for some additional integration items:

  • Installation of an ABB AC breaker. Please note that, unlike many other power supplies on the market, this breaker is not required for Magna-Power rack integrations as our power supplies are internally fused and have internally a 3-phase AC contactor; the customer opted for this as an additional protection mechanism for lock-out, tag-out.
  • Common copper AC input bus bars to provide a single AC connection point for the rack.
  • Internal AC wiring of the power supplies to the breaker.

As a reference point, the total rack + custom integration cost per 19” rack on this order is $11,045.00 (this does not include the power supplies). Every part of the metal assembly in that rack is manufactured and welded by Magna-Power. We offer these integrations at a very reasonable cost enabled by our vertically integrated manufacturing process and as a way to enhance the sales of the integrated products.

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