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Today we hosted a customer at Magna-Power as part of a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for a large system consisting of 4x 250 kW MT Series units, 4x 100 kW TS Series units, and 3x 25 kW TS Series, with various Magna-Power racks and integration. This customer is producing a large scale "green" electrolysis factory for the production of hydrogen, which will later be used in liquid form or converted to ammonia. The company is a new group of a well established renewable energy company. Magna-Power was selected in a competitive process based on our versatility of product selection, price, lead-time (13-16 weeks), and well-established standardized products for this application (which includes availability of spare parts and servicing).

Development is underway for their production facility and this is the first of 4 shipments over the next 2 years as this customer scales up its production capability. We completed FAT, testing, and training with the customer's team along with Magna-Power's representative Marty Heffler from Test-Rep Associates.

4x 250 kW MT Series, 4x 100 kW 16U TS Series, 3x 25 kW 4U TS Series with (left to right) Adam Pitel, Grant Pitel, and Marty Heffler.
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