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Magna-Power Partners,

Magna-Power has been working on some very exciting things this year and we are eager to share this activity more regularly with our partners. Magna-Power made some significant updates to improve communication with our partners:

  1. We’ve developed a Media Kit shared drive, which contains high resolution product release images, system photos, presentations, advertisements, branding, and product data files. You are now able to access the Media Kit from your Partner Portal (item #3 below).

  2. Magna-Power has discontinued Magna-Power TALK. We found that our partners were not using this resource regularly and using it to serve up just our Media Kit and Announcements was not how this platform was intended to be used.

  3. We are building out a Partner Portal on our website, which will contain the Media Kit, Discount Schedule, trainings, and other important updates. All Magna-Power partners will now see a Partner Portal link on the left-side menu after logging in on our website.

  4. We will be releasing more regular Partner Communication emails (i.e. this email you’re reading), which will feature announcements, systems, product updates, or changes around the factory. These Partner Communication emails will get archived on the Partner Portal for future reference. Of course, any suggestions/requests for Partner Communication content are more than welcome.

We expect all of our partners to ensure that Magna-Power product images and branding are kept up-to-date within your marketing material. We hope you find these new partner communication resources valuable and welcome any feedback.

Thank you,

Adam Pitel

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