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Magna-Power Partners,

We continue to align the Magna-Power brand with quality USA manufacturing operations and innovative solutions for high-power requirements. We realize there are many solutions for DC power supplies today, but Magna-Power's growth is fueled not just by selling power supplies, but also by selling the manufacturing and the engineering that enables us to deliver high-quality, reliable products.

We wanted to share some updates on some new important resources now available for our partners and customers that help to increase the transparency of what's happening at the factory, among engineering teams, and of course, the products.

Product Changelog + Continuous Integration Server

We are excited to share the new Product Changelog, providing documentation of new features, bug fixes, and improvements across all Magna-Power products.

We've been building our internal toolchain, allowing for more frequent updates and transparency about product changes. We've developed our own Continuous Integration Server (CIS), a software toolchain which compiles all projects simultaneously as part of a structured release.

Consider, for instance, the introduction of a new protection trip setting feature. This change requires new firmware, software updates, IVI/LabVIEW driver updates, documentation updates, industrial interface updates, etc. With a structured workflow of development tickets, after completion we compile all projects simultaneously and deliver a Snapshot as part of a release, which contains all of these changes across Magna-Power's entire portfolio of software and documentation.

The new release workflow will not only allow more rapid and consistent product changes, but also greater transparency of these changes with our partners and customers. This workflow and toolchain is a critical step in the new xGen platform of the SLx Series.


Unlike a typical blog, designed typically with the intent of search engine optimization, we created the MagnaBLOG as a platform to share innovative systems, customer spotlights, and new options/features. In addition, engineers on our team are encouraged to submit proposals to share unique solutions they're developing for manufacturing improvements or to address power electronics challenges. We will be providing regular updates on this platform. Partners are encouraged to review the "Featured Product" category articles in detail, as they provide an example of semi-custom solutions that are available to them.

We've got another big announcement coming soon, shipping out today on its way to APEC 2024 for the unveiling later this month. Stay tuned.

Adam Pitel

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