Fuentes de Potencia CC Programables y Cargas Electrónicas

Magna-Power diseña y fabrica productos de CC de alta potencia innovadores y robustos para un amplio rango de aplicaciones incluyendo procesos industriales, defensa e investigación


Clientes en todo el Mundo

374,393 kW

Productos de Potencia Programables Enviados


Configuraciones de Producto Disponibles

Robust DC Power Processing Technology

Magna-Power products are engineered using extremely reliable power processing topologies, while continually pushing the limits for power density.

SL Series Pyramid Image

Reduced Complexity

Consistent features, interfaces, performance and programming across entire product categories. Grow with Magna-Power with minimal changes to your integration.


Fast delivery

Complete internal control of manufacturing processes and inventory investment allows Magna-Power to offer industry-leading build-times for nearly all products.



With over 15,000 products delivered along with continuous improvements, Magna-Power products have been field tested to meet even the most challenging application's requirements.

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