Magna-Power in the News

Magna-Power Electronics of Flemington Sponsor Intern's Team at Racing Competition
"Magna-Power Electronics, a high-technology electronics manufacturer in Flemington, sponsored the Rensselear Polytechnic Institute Formula Hybrid Racing team, which included Hunterdon County native and Magna-Power intern Szymon Morawski."
Measuring Peak-to-Peak Output Voltage: Magna-Power Electronics Shares its Method
"Reducing the magnitude of switching voltage transients is difficult and depends on careful placement of low-impedance capacitors physically located across the output connections of the power supply. The measurement of these transients requires a special setup to obtain repeatable results."
Control Loop Modulation Applied to Programmable DC Power Supplies
"Modulation allows a set point adjustment of voltage or current by another input. Modulation signals can be derived from an external device, such as a thermistor, or from sampling output current or voltage. When used with software containing advanced numerical methods, feeding output voltage or current to adjust set point current or voltage allows user defined output profiles."
SL Series by Magna-Power: Pushing the Limits of Programmable Power
"Magna-Power has made a significant leap in the available 1U power density for programmable DC power supplies. With Magna-Power's growth, the company has broken into a market where there are a lot more applications with a significantly higher volume."
Diversity Defines Power Supplies and Sources - Special Report: Power Supplies
"Magna-Power’s DC supplies achieve a large bandwidth increase with the +HS (high slew rate) option. Rather than the output capacitors being chosen to provide the lowest possible ripple voltage within physical size and cost constraints, the +HS option replaces the standard aluminum electrolytics with a lower capacitance mix of film and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The result is an improvement in the voltage slew rate from 100 ms to 4 ms with an attendant 10x ripple increase."
Rick's Picks: 100 Hot Products of 2012, MT Series Programmable Power Supply
"The end of the year brings the opportunity to look back at the many new products and product enhancements introduced in 2012. Here are my choices for 100 notable products introduced between December 1, 2011, and December 1, 2012."
Wide Bandgap Bandwagon: Special Report on Power Supplies and Sources
"Previously driven by the drives market, new applications now are emerging in the very high power DC market, driven by the renewable energy market. For multi-megawatt applications, such as central solar inverters, the load's AC output is commonly recycled into the power supply's input, allowing the externally supplied facilities power to be rated for only the losses—a small fraction of the overall power conversion."
Green Product of the Month: MT Series Programmable DC Power Supply 250 kW Module
"By designing a 250 kW module and integrating the harmonic neutralizer, the overall 250 kW system size was reduced by over 33%. In addition, the integrated harmonic neutralizer greatly reduces installation requirements, easing multi-module scalability."