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CANopen is a high-level communication protocol that is widely used in industrial automation and embedded systems. It is based on the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, a robust and efficient serial communication bus commonly found in automotive and industrial applications.

CANopen defines a set of communication protocols and application layer services built on top of the CAN physical layer. It provides a standardized way for devices to communicate and exchange data. CANopen devices communicate using an Object Dictionary, which defines the data structure and parameters that can be exchanged between devices. This dictionary is essential for device configuration and data exchange. It includes objects like PDOs (Process Data Objects) for real-time data exchange and SDOs (Service Data Objects) for parameterization and configuration. Each CANopen device on the network has a unique Node ID, which allows devices to address each other for communication. This addressing scheme simplifies the setup of multi-device networks.

Magna-Power's CANopen Implementation

Magna-Power has designed its CANopen (+CAN) option to allow for seamless integration into a variety of automation and industrial environments. The following are some of the key features for Magna-Power's +CAN option:

  • Magna-Power developed CANopen Electronic Data Sheet (EDS), used by network configuration software tools to help set up devices on the network.
  • Support for the product's full command set
  • Extensive HTML- and PDF-based documentation, detailing connection setup and commands
  • D-Sub 9-pin male connector