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LXI TCP/IP Ethernet

Option Code Suffix: +LXI

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Certified to the LXI Standard (Class C), version 1.4, this option allows the product to be fully controlled over an integrated TCP/IP Ethernet interface. LXI is an instrumentation platform based on industry standard Ethernet technology designed to provide modularity, flexibility, and performance to small- and medium-sized systems. All of the product's standard SCPI commands are supported over the +LXI option, along with all provided software and drivers.

LXI’s advantages are exemplified in its compact, flexible package providing high-speed I/O and reliable measurements. The Magna-Power Electronics LXI TCP/IP Ethernet option includes an embedded web-server, allowing web browser power supply control and monitoring from virtually anywhere.

Note: Only the SCPI command protocol is available when LXI TCP/IP Ethernet interface is installed. Modbus communication protocol is not available through any interface when the LXI TCP/IP Ethernet interface is installed.