Water Cooling

Water cooling is available for Magna-Power power supplies for use in densely packaged system cabinets, where heat removal by the product's standard air cooling presents a challenge.

Water cooling is accomplished with chill plates and an integrated central heat exchanger. The chill plates provide a thermal conduction path for heat sensitive components and the central heat exchanger removes heat from air internal to the enclosure. Water cooled models have enclosures without vent holes and are basically sealed the unit from the environment. An internal solenoid valve enables water flow when the chill plate reaches 60°C. Operation of the solenoid prevents internal condensation.

3U and 4U models have a 1/4" NPT female inlet and outlet for water flow. For 6U, 8U, and floor-standing models, external plumbing interconnects power supply modules to a single 1/2” NPT connection: one for inlet, one for outlet. A minimum of 2.5" is recommended behind the enclosure for this hardware and user connections. For systems requiring more than one power supply, plumbing connections must be paralleled; that is, water should not flow from one power supply into another.

When water cooled power supplies are ordered in combination with the Cabinet and Integration accessory, Magna-Power will parallel the water inlet connections and parallel the water outlet connections, providing a single inlet and outlet for the rack.

Note: Water cooling is only available for models with maximum voltage rating 1000 Vdc and below. This option cannot be combined with High Isolation Output (+ISO) option.

Water Cooling Specifications

  • 25°C maximum inlet temperature
  • 1.5 GPM minimum flow rate for 5 kW - 15 kW units
  • 3.0 GPM minimum flow rate for 20 kW - 30 kW units
  • 4.5 GPM minimum flow rate for 40 kW - 75 kW units
  • 80 PSI maximum pressure
  • 1/4” NPT female pipe size for 3U and 4U units
  • 1/2” NPT female for 6U, 8U and floor-standing units.