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Magna-Power's Manufacturing


Introduction: Vertical Integration

At Magna-Power’s 73,500 sq-ft company-owned design and manufacturing facility in Flemington, New Jersey, the company has vertically integrated production of its products, starting from raw materials and electrical components, to completed high-power electronic assemblies. This level of integration provides Magna-Power with complete control over its quality, lead-time, and costs. With substantial continuous reinvestment in automation and new state-of-the-art machinery, Magna-Power offers medium-volume USA-manufactured products that compete worldwide on both performance and price.

Magna-Power's Manufacturing

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Department

Full design and fabrication of metal enclosures, heatsinks, copper bus work, cabinet frames, powder coating, brackets and more.

  • Two (2) 47-tool LVD Strippit turret punch presses
  • 18-ton LVD Strippit press brake
  • Accurshear heavy duty shear
  • Three (3) Hydraulic fastener inserters with automatic bowl feeders
  • Internally developed robotic bonded-fin heat-sink assembly
  • Powder coating with batch industrial wash, spray and oven
  • Metal sanding and vibratory deburring
Magna-Power's Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board Department

From surface-mount to large power components, complete placement and inspection onto printed circuited boards, optimized for Magna-Power's low-to-medium volume high-mix requirements.

  • Europlacer stencil printer and IINEO pick and place for SMT components
  • 7-zone Heller reflow oven
  • CyberOptics 3D automated optical inspection
  • Three (3) rework stations and four (4) manual soldering stations
  • Two (2) through-hole insertion lines for power components
  • Nordson SELECT selective soldering system
  • ITW Electrovert wave soldering
Magna-Power's Manufacturing


Machining Department

Full design and fabrication of metal enclosures, heatsinks, copper bus work, cabinet frames, powder coating, brackets and more.

  • Seven (7) automated CNCs with tool changing turret
  • Electrical discharge machining (EDM) for precision parts
  • Industrial shear for bulk materials
  • Cabinet welding
  • Complete assembly of pallets for all products
Magna-Power's Manufacturing


Sub-Assembly Department

Wire harnessing and preparation of multiple assemblies for installation into the final product.

  • Schleuniger automated cut, strip and crimp for all power and control cables
  • Functional and high voltage wire testing
  • Fourteen (14) assembly stations
  • Resistor module manufacturing
  • Internally developed wire harness boards for all products
Magna-Power's Manufacturing


Magnetics Department

Winding, core fabrication, assembly, testing and varnishing of inductors and made-to-order transformers from 1.5 kW to 500 kW.

  • Eight (8) internally developed winding stations for rectangular wire and foil
  • Three (3) winding stations for up to 20-strands of wire at a time
  • Three (3) potting tanks
  • Distributed gap core fabrication
  • Two (2) brazing stations for water cooled transformers and piping
  • Multiple varnish tanks and large explosion-proof ovens
Magna-Power's Manufacturing

Final Assembly

Final Assembly Department

Production lines for installation and interconnection of completed assemblies into the final product.

  • Ten (10) batch assembly lines for low-volume orders
  • Two (2) multiple operator push assembly lines for medium-to-high volume orders
  • Panelized production for MT Series
  • Tablet-based work instructions mounted to every production line
Magna-Power's Manufacturing


Testing Department

Board-level and final product testing, calibration and burn-in.

  • Eight (8) internally developed high-power test stations
  • Ten (10) 75 kW Ethernet-controlled bulk load banks
  • Three (3) 100 kW MagnaLOAD DC electronic loads
  • Internally developed automated testing and calibration software suite
  • 1000-gallon water tank recycler for water-cooled product testing
Magna-Power's Manufacturing



Raw material, component, sub-assembly and partially complete assembly.

  • 20,000 sq-ft of warehousing and stock
  • Two (2) autonomous inventory robots for inter-company transport
  • Internally developed Android picking app with real-time ERP integration