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BDx Module

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Fully integrated

High-power rack-mount blocking diode solution

For applications or products where the Integrated Blocking Diode (+BD) option is not available or desired, the BDx Module offers a turn-key rack-mount blocking diode solution, including:

  • Fully integrated and enclosed heatsinking and fan cooling
  • User I/O status feedback including a temperature alarm state
  • Front panel status indicator
  • Heavy-duty tin-plated copper bus bars
  • Remote sensing terminal for voltage feedback compensation
  • Universal single phase active-PFC AC input connection

Internally, semiconductors are secured to Magna-Power manufactured heatsinks with fans and integrated thermocouples. An internal microprocessor monitors the internal temperature and provides +5V digital output signal when the system is powered and in a normal operating state. This +5V signal can be easily integrated into interlock systems, to ensure power is only driven through the BDx Module when its powered on and cooling is functional. Additional, a +5V digital input allows control of when the BDx Module is turned off and on, providing complete integration with a connected power supply.

Back EMF Protection Icon

Back EMF Protection

Prevent back-electromotive force (EMF) from electric motors or from the connection of charged batteries and capacitors from flowing back into the output of your power supply.

High Voltage Protection Icon

High Voltage Protection

Protect your power supply and other DC power equipment from externally generated DC bus voltages that could exceed the equipment's maximum ratings.

Mixed Voltage Paralleling Icon

Mixed Voltage Paralleling

Connect multiple power supplies with different voltage ratings in parallel and protect lower voltage products high bus voltages.

Prevent Load Discharge Icon

Prevent Load Discharge

Prevent the power supply's internal bleeder network from discharging batteries, capacitors or fuel cells when the power supply is standby, faulted state, or turned off.

Model Ordering Guide

BDx Module models are defined by the configuration type and number, the maximum DC input voltage rating, and the maximum current rating.



The following table of models provides all the available model configurations and their protection ratings:

ModelConfigMax DC Input VoltageMax CurrentReverse Voltage RatingTypical Losses
BDx-A1-1000-300/UIA11000 Vdc300 Adc1200 VdcUp to 1.4%
BDx-A1-150-600/UIA1150 Vdc600 Adc200 VdcUp to 2.5%
BDx-A1-1000-600/UIA11000 Vdc600 Adc1200 VdcUp to 1.4%
BDx-A1-150-1200/UIA1150 Vdc1200 Adc200 VdcUp to 2.5%


The following specifications are subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise noted, all specifications measured at the product's maximum ratings.

AC Input Specifications
Specification Value
1Φ AC Input Voltage

1Φ, 2-wire + ground
85 to 265 Vac
AC Input Connector
IEC 60320 C13 receptacle
AC Input Frequency
50-60 Hz
AC Input Isolation
±1500 Vac, maximum input voltage to ground
External User I/O Specifications
Specification Value
External User I/O Port
15-pin D-sub DB-25, female
See User Manual for pin layout
Digital Output Voltage

System Status
+5V when systems normal.
0V when off or faulted state.
Connected to MagnaDC interlock input via provided cable.
Digital Input Voltage

+5V to engage cooling fans.
0V to disable product.
Connected to MagnaDC power status output via provided cable.
Remote Sense
6-32 screw connection for positive terminal
Physical Specifications
Specification Value
Racking Standard
Rear Support Rails
Size and Weight

Configuration A1, All Models
1.75” H x 19” W x 24” D (4.4 x 48.3 x 61.0 cm)
20 lbs (9.07 kg)
Environmental Specifications
Specification Value
Ambient Operating Temperature
0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature
-25°C to +85°C
Relative humidity 30% to 90%, non-condensing
Regulatory Compliance
Specification Value
Complies with 2014/30/EU (EMC Directive)
CISPR 22 / EN 55022 Class A
Complies with EN61010-1
Complies with 2014/35/EU (Low Voltage Directive)
CE Mark
RoHS Compliant