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Batterie mit Laborstromversorgungen laden und zyklisieren
"Die Verwendung einer unabhängigen Stromversorgung und elektronischen Last für jeden Betriebsquadranten bietet hingegen eine maximale Modularität."
From Line-voltage Simulation to Regenerative Braking Test
"Magna-Power Electronics announced the availability of a new military-standard-rated ruggedized option for its SL Series and XR Series programmable DC power supplies (Figure 7). Tested to MIL-STD-810G functional shock and vibration specifications, the new ruggedized option is available on 235 models spanning power levels 1.5 kW to 10 kW, voltage levels from 5 VDC to 10,000 VDC, and current levels from 0.2 ADC to 600 ADC."
Electronic loads—a new generation
"This article provides an overview of electronic loads currently available, namely switched resistance, MOSFET, regenerative, and the newly introduced hybrid, active resistance. Each load topology has advantages and disadvantages, ranging from cost and speed of operation to loading as a function of applied voltage."

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