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Magna-Power Electronics Breaks Ground on NJ Manufacturing Facility Expansion

March 15, 2011 • Flemington, NJ USA

Magna-Power Electronics, a leader in high-power programmable DC power supplies, broke ground on a 29,000 sq-ft expansion to its manufacturing facility in Flemington, New Jersey. The expansion follows the company’s significant growth, to accommodate increased research, product development, and manufacturing. The expansion will be directly joined to the company’s current 27,500 sq-ft manufacturing facility, providing a total of 56,500 sq-ft. The company is adding many new jobs, especially for production assembly and transformer winding.

Magna-Power Electronics relocated its design and manufacturing operations to Flemington in late 2006. Product innovations, diverse applications, expanded worldwide sales structure, and the company’s dedicated employees have all contributed to its growth.

Magna-Power Electronics manufactures high-power programmable test equipment, used in markets such as: automotive testing, semiconductor production, water treatment, and research at national laboratories around the world. In addition, the company provides solutions for the emerging electric vehicle and renewable energy markets.

Modular product design and investment in system-level manufacturing and equipment has fueled the company’s commitment to United States manufacturing; all of the company’s manufacturing is performed in Flemington. Furthermore, innovation in power electronics and product design enabled application of the company high power test equipment for new markets.

The new facility expansion is expected to be completed in November 2011.

About Magna-Power Electronics, Inc.

Magna-Power Electronics designs, and manufactures robust current-fed power supplies in the USA that set industry standards for quality, size, and control. Its products can be found around the world feeding power to national laboratories, universities, and a wide range of industrial sites. The company’s experience in power electronics is reflected in its 2 kW to 600 kW+ product line, quality service, and reputation for excellence.

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