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Fully Integrated High-Power 1U Rackmount Blocking Diode Solution Introduced by Magna-Power

January 07, 2021 • Flemington, NJ USA

Magna-Power Electronics introduced the BDx Module, compatible with its MagnaDC programmable DC power supplies, providing a fully integrated rackmount blocking diode solution for voltage ratings up to 1,000 Vdc and current ratings up to 1,200 Adc. The BDx Module, combined with MagnaDC power supplies, provides reverse voltage protection up to 1,200 Vdc, meeting the growing MagnaDC power supply application demands of battery and capacitor charging, powering electric motor drives, and driving highly inductive loads.

BDx Module Fully Integrated Blocking Diode Solution up to 1,000 Vdc
BDx Module Fully Integrated Blocking Diode Solution up to 1,000 Vdc

The BDx Module is available with four (4) different models within a 1U (1.75” high) rackmount package, varying in maximum DC voltage ratings, maximum DC current ratings, and reverse voltage ratings. The BDx Module joins Magna-Power’s Integrated Blocking Diode (+BD) option in the company’s product line to provide back-electromotive force protection from energy storage devices, highly inductive loads, or braking motor drives. These diode protection solutions also allow for mixed-voltage paralleling of various MagnaDC power supply models. In addition, with a protection diode in place, undesired load discharge by the MagnaDC power supply’s output bleeder circuit is prevented for fuel cell, battery, and capacitor applications.

Internally, semiconductors are secured to Magna-Power manufactured heatsinks with fans and integrated thermocouples. An internal microprocessor monitors the internal temperature and provides a digital output for system monitoring and user integration into interlock systems. In addition, a digital input allows users to control when the BDx Module is turned off and on. For use with MagnaDC power supplies, a provided interface cable allows complete control of the BDx Module by a MagnaDC power supply, providing a turnkey combined solution without the need for additional integration. Power connections are made to heavy-duty tin-plated copper bus bars with a provided remote sensing terminal for voltage feedback compensation.

The BDx Module and MagnaDC programmable DC power supply systems incorporating the BDx Module are now available.

All Magna-Power products are designed and manufactured at the company’s vertically integrated headquarters in Flemington, New Jersey USA. The company’s products are available directly from Magna-Power in the USA, through Magna-Power sales offices in the United Kingdom and China, or from a network of distributors in over 40 countries worldwide.

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