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High Slew Rate Output Option Now Available, 2 kW to 600 kW+

décembre 13, 2010 • Flemington, NJ USA

Magna-Power Electronics, a world leader in high-power programmable dc power supplies, released their new high slew rate output option, which meets the demands of fast-performance dc applications. The option, available on the company’s entire product line from 2 kW to 600 kW+, improves the products’ slew rate and bandwidth by nearly two orders of magnitude.

With the high slew-rate option, Magna-Power Electronics power supplies standard output stage, designed to provide the lowest possible output voltage ripple, is exchanged for low capacitance film and aluminum electrolytic capacitors and lower loss bleed resistors. As a result, faster voltage and current transitions can be realized: voltage slew rate down to 4 ms and bandwidth up to 60 Hz. Applications for the high-slew rate option include battery charging, photovoltaic emulation, power waveform generation, medium speed power pulsing, and laser diode powering.

All Magna-Power Electronics power supplies come standard with isolated digital and analog programming, enabling voltage and/or current to be driven by a 0-10 V analog signal. It is possible to superimpose waveforms or produce a medium speed pulse on top of the dc output and expect normal capacitor life. With standard models available up to 4000 Vdc and currents up to 24000 Adc, the new option enables high performance at the cost and size of switched-mode power processing.

For more information, visit the high slew rate option page.

About Magna-Power Electronics, Inc.

Magna-Power Electronics designs, and manufactures robust current-fed power supplies in the USA that set industry standards for quality, size, and control. Its products can be found around the world feeding power to national laboratories, universities, and a wide range of industrial sites. The company’s experience in power electronics is reflected in its 2 kW to 600 kW+ product line, quality service, and reputation for excellence.

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