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Heat exhaust and the recommended air-flow

This article applies to standard air-cooled MagnaDC power supplies and not to products with the Water Cooling (+WC) option. All standard MagnaDC products are rated to operate in ambient tempertaures from 0 to 50°C, with integrated fans to move ambient air through the products. The power supply montiors temperatures its internal heat sinks. In the event of an over-temperature condition, the unit will trip with a thermal diagnostic fault before any damage can occur. The product provides adequate internal cooling such that during normal operation within the specified ambient temperature limits and recommended cabinet air flow, the product will not hit a thermal alarm condition.

SL Series, XR Series and TS Series Rack-Mount Cooling Requirements

The air flow for standard SL Series, XR Series, and TS Series rack-mount products is side intake with rear exhaust. The fans are load depedent, with speed increasing with current output. Fully enclosed equipment racks should be equipped with fans or blowers to remove heat generated by these rack-mount power supplies. Table 1 provides the recommendations for cabinet fan ratings for the MagnaDC rack-mount products. Table 2 provides the maximum amount of exhaust heat produced by MagnaDC rack-mount products under full load. 

Table 1. Cabinet exhaust fan air-flow recommendations for rack-mount MagnaDC products.
  SL Series XR Series TS Series
Power Level 1.5 kW to 4 kW 2 kW to 10 kW 5 kW to 15 kW 20 kW to 30 kW 45 kW
Cabinet Blower Rating
(Per Unit)
200 CFM 300 CFM 400 CFM 800 CFM 1200 CFM
Table 2. Maximum heat exhaust for rack-mount MagnaDC products under full load.
  SL Series XR Series TS Series
Power Level 1.5 kW 2.6 kW 4 kW 2 kW 4 kW 6 kW 8 kW 10 kW 5 kW 10 kW 15 kW 20 kW 25 kW 30 kW 45 kW
Heat Exhaust (kW) 0.21 0.36 0.56 0.28 0.56 0.84 1.12 1.40 0.70 1.40 2.10 2.80 3.50 4.20 6.30
Heat Exhaust (kBTU/hr) 0.72 1.23 1.91 0.96 1.91 2.87 3.82 4.77 2.39 4.78 7.17 9.55 11.94 14.33 21.50

MS Series and MT Series Floor-Standing Cooling Requirements

MS Series floor-standing products are front air intake with top exhaust. MT Series floor-standing products are front and rear intake, top exhaust. To provide adequate air intake and service access, Magna-Power recommends at least three (3) feet of clearance in front and back of its floor-standing products. Nothing should be stacked on top of the floorstanding MagnaDC products, as it will block the product's integrated fan exhaust. Table 3 provides the maximum amount of exhaust heat produced by MagnaDC floor-standing products under full load. Systems greater than 250 kW, at built using multiple 250 kW supplies in parallel, therefore the heat exhaust for these systems will be a multiple of the 250 kW exhaust rating.

Table 3. Maximum heat exhaust for floor-standing MagnaDC products under full load.
  MS Series MT Series
Power Level 30 kW 45 kW 60 kW 75 kW 100 kW 150 kW 250 kW
Heat Exhaust (kW) 4.20 6.30 8.40 10.50 10.00 15.00 25.00
Heat Exhaust (kBTU/hr) 14.33 21.50 28.66 35.85 34.12 51.18 85.30

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