High Isolation Output

Certain applications require floating the output voltage to values beyond the power supply isolation rating. Magna-Power's High Isolation Output Option (+ISO) enables any TS Series, MS Series or MT Series model with a peak output voltage rating of 250 Vdc through 1000 Vdc to be rated for a higher voltage output isolation. Improved isolation is achieved by a novel output stage with improved controller isolation. In addition to being able to float the power supply to a higher output voltage, this option also enables lower voltage units to be tied together in series up to its new higher isolation rating, in accordance with the table below.

The output isolation for Magna-Power Electronics TS Series, MS Series and MT Series programmable DC power supplies is as follows, where Vo is output voltage rating of the particular model:

Table 1. Output isolation rating for models with the High Isolation Output (+ISO) option
Output Isolation 
Standard, No Option
Output Isolation for Model Rated 250-1000 Vdc
With +ISO Option
Output Isolation for Models Rated Above 1000 Vdc
Standard, No Option Necessary
SL Series 1000 Vdc N/A N/A
XR Series 1000 Vdc N/A ±(2000 Vdc + Vo/2)
TS Series 1000 Vdc ±(2000 Vdc + Vo/2)  ±(2000 Vdc + Vo/2) 
MS Series 1000 Vdc ±(2000 Vdc + Vo/2)  ±(2000 Vdc + Vo/2) 
MT Series 1000 Vdc 4000 Vdc 4000 Vdc