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PROFINET is a widely-used industrial Ethernet protocol for communication between automation systems and devices in manufacturing and process industries. It was developed by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), an organization that oversees the development and maintenance of the protocol. PROFINET is used mainly by Siemens PLCs.

PROFINET provides a high-speed and real-time communication capability that enables efficient data exchange and control between various automation components such as PLCs, robots, sensors, and drives. It supports both TCP/IP and UDP/IP communication, and offers a wide range of features such as integrated safety, motion control, and diagnostics.

PROFINET also provides a flexible network topology that can be configured to suit different industrial applications. It supports various physical media such as copper, fiber optic, and wireless, and allows for the use of different network topologies including star, ring, and line.

PROFINET is widely adopted by many leading manufacturers and system integrators in different industries due to its reliability, flexibility, and interoperability. It has a large ecosystem of compatible products and tools, and is supported by a global network of PI-certified experts and service providers.

Magna-Power's PROFINET Implementation

Magna-Power has designed its PROFINET (+PROF) option to allow for seamless integration into Siemens PLCs. The following are some key features for Magna-Power +PROF option:

  • Support for the product's full command set
  • Extensive HTML- and PDF-based documentation, detailing connection setup and commands
  • Dual RJ-45 connectors with bi-color activity and error LEDs