Warranty Information

The following is made in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied.

Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. warranties its products to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of two (2) years from date of original shipment from its factory. Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. will repair, replace, or refund the purchase price at its discretion, which upon examination by Magna-Power Electronics, Inc., is determined to be defective in material or workmanship, providing such claimed defective material is returned upon written authorization of Magna-Power Electronics, Inc., freight prepaid.

For products failing within the first 30 days of the warranty period, Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. will return the repaired product at its expense using a standard shipping method; after 30 days of the warranty period, the repaired product will be returned at the customer’s expense using the customer’s requested shipping method.

Damage due to corrosion, customer alterations, excessive dust, extreme environmental or electrical conditions, and/or misuse will be evaluated upon inspection. If inspection reveals that the cause of damage is not due to materials or workmanship, repair of the product will be treated on a non-warranty basis.

All electrical, commercial supply parts, and items not manufactured by Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. shall carry the warranty of the original manufacturer and no more, but under no circumstances to exceed the warranty period. Replacement parts shall be warranted for a period of 90 days.

Warranty labor shall only apply if the product, assembly, or part is returned to the factory freight prepaid and insured. Damage or breakage while in transit is not covered by this warranty.

Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. assumes no responsibility to Buyer for labor to diagnose and remove defective product and installation of replacement product. Furthermore, Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. is not liable to Buyer or to any third party for consequential or incidental damages under any circumstances, whether due to defect in the product, due to delay or failure of delivery, due to a failure of the product to perform as specified, or for any other reason or cause. Buyer and Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. agree that Buyer’s sole remedy and Magna-Power Electronics, Inc.’s sole liability to Buyer is limited to repair, replacement, or refund of the purchase price of the product as described herein, whether Buyer’s claim arises out of contract or in tort.

All claims against the warranty shall be the final determination of Magna-Power Electronics, Inc.

Claim for Damage in Shipping

This instrument received comprehensive mechanical and electrical inspections before shipment. Immediately upon receipt from the carrier, and before operation, this instrument should be inspected visually for damage caused in shipment. If such inspection reveals internal or external damage in any way, a claim should be filed with the carrier. A full report of the damage should be obtained by the claim agent and this report should be forwarded to us. We will then advise you of the disposition to be made of the equipment and arrange for repair or replacement. When referring to this equipment, always include the model and serial numbers.

Returning Equipment

Before returning any equipment to the factory, the following steps should be taken:

  • Contact our technical service department or file a RMA request. Give a full description of the difficulty and include the model and serial number of the unit. Upon receipt of this information, we will give you service information or shipping instructions.
  • Packaging and method of shipment must be coordinated with the factory to insure safe delivery. All equipment returned for repair require a Return Authorization Number and must be insured. No returns will be accepted without assignment of a Return Authorization Number.
  • For non-warranty repairs, we will submit a cost estimate for your approval before proceeding.