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EtherCAT is a real-time Ethernet network protocol developed by Beckhoff Automation for communicating among multiple nodes. EtherCAT networks are formed using CAT cabling, where master and nodes can be directly wired together through RJ-45 ports, in a daisy chain configuration, without need for external networking switches. The protocol is standardized in IEC 61158 and is popular for demanding high-speed communication requirements in automation technology. As a result of its flexibility and scalability, EtherCAT can be found in a wide range of applications, including factory automation, motion control, robotics, and more.

One of the key advantages of EtherCAT is its ability to handle large amounts of data at very high speeds. It uses a unique "processing on the fly" technique, in which each node in the network can add or remove data from the data stream as it passes through, without interrupting the overall data flow. This allows for very low latency and high precision in control applications. It can support a wide range of different communication topologies, from simple point-to-point connections to complex multi-node configurations. It is also highly customizable, with support for different data formats, communication protocols, and network configurations.

Magna-Power's EtherCAT Implementation

Magna-Power has designed its EtherCAT (+ECAT) option to allow for seamless integration into a variety of automation and industrial environments. The following are some of the key features for Magna-Power's +ECAT option:

  • Support for EtherCAT protocol and Ethernet over EtherCAT
  • Support for the product's full command set
  • Extensive HTML- and PDF-based documentation, detailing connection setup and commands
  • Dual RJ-45 connectors with bi-color activity and error LEDs