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PQ Series

Programmable DC Power Supply

Product Status: Discontinued, End of Service

The PQ Series was built using the 3.3, 6.6, and 10 kW power processing modules. It used a combination of high- and medium-frequency power processing technologies to improve response, shrink package size, and reduce cost. PQ Series power supplies were current-fed. Compared with conventional switching power supplies, these supplies could easily tolerate the punishment of the most rigorous applications.

The PQ Series models covered a very wide output range, spanning from voltage levels from 10 Vdc up to 600 Vdc (floating) and current levels up to 600 Adc for its 10 kW power processing modules. All models were available in a 3U 5.25" high enclosure. Diagnostic functions were contained directly within the product's control loop.

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Resources for the PQ Series


PQ Series Datasheet [1] [EN] [PDF]
PQ Series User Manual [4.0] [EN] [PDF]
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