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SQA/SQD Series

Programmable DC Power Supply

Product Status: Discontinued, End of Service

The SQA/SQD Series was built using the up to three 10 kW, PQA/PQD power processing modules, for a maximum of 30 kW. The SQA/SQD Series models covered a very wide output range, spanning from voltage levels from 10 Vdc up to 800 Vdc (floating) and current levels up to 2,700 Adc. 30 kW models were available in a 12U, 21" high enclosure. All SQA/SQD Series power supplies came standard with isolated 37-pin external I/O, RS232, Remote Interface Software, LabVIEW/LabWindows drivers for integration into a variety of programming environments.

A higher power 25 kW module was created for the TS Series, along with a new steel sub-frame mechanical design for higher power models. The updated mechanical design provided a major reduction is size for higher power units, and the TS Series was expanded to include 50 kW, 75 kW and 100 kW modules in a fraction of the size of the SQ Series.

The SQA/SQD Series was the first product line to use microprocessors in the controller and display board. Closed-loop control was still analog making the product line similar in performance to the SQ Series. The SQA had a simpler display panel than the SQD panel, maker the former better fit for industrial processes and the later a better for R&D.

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Resources for the SQA/SQD Series


SQD Series Datasheet [1] [EN] [PDF]
SQA Series User Manual [6.0] [EN] [PDF]
SQD Series User Manual [5.0] [EN] [PDF]


LabVIEW Driver [1.02] [ZIP]
LabWindows Driver [1.02] [ZIP]