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SX Series

Programmable DC Power Supply

Product Status: Discontinued, End of Service

The SX Series was an extension of Magna-Power’s first programmable DC power supply, the PX Series. The SX Series used a pair of silicon rectifiers (SCR) on the front end of a three-phase 60 Hz transformer. The SX Series was comprised of 2 to 5 PX Series modules units packaged in a single cabinet to obtain 20 to 50 kW of processing power. All the features of the PX Series were embedded in the SX Series, providing Magna-Power broad offering of high-power programmable DC power supplies. The SX Series could be controlled via IEEE488/RS232 a unique feature at the time. Like the PX Series, the SX Series power supplies were virtually indestructible and suffered the drawbacks of being large and heavy due its use of 60 Hz magnetic components. The SX Series 50 kW was 59 ½ x 44 x 29 (H” x W” x D”) and weighed 1425 lbs. The SX Series was offered at 16V, 3000A through 800V, 60A with its 50 kW configuration.

The SX Series was replaced with the SQ Series, which had far better size, weight, and performance characteristics.

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SX Series Datasheet [1] [EN] [PDF]
SX Series User Manual [1.0] [EN] [PDF]
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