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Turn-key high voltage and high current DC power cables

Magna-Power offers a variety of DC power cables, built and tested in-house utilizing Magna-Power’s exacting internal cable manufacturing operations. Offered with a variety of terminations to mate with Magna-Power supplies, the DC power cables provide a flexible, turn-key solution to high-power cabling. High-current connections can be greatly simplified using Magna-Power's low impedance 1 kA flexible cables; a solution that Magna-Power uses in its own production for high-current test, burn-in and calibration.

Ordering Guide

There are many DC cable configurations available, depending on the requirement. The ordering guide below provides a guide for configuring the appropriate cable configuration Refer to the product diagrams for the respective product series for the DC output bus thread size and number of connection points.


Magna-Power manufactured cables

Cable specifications and configurations

Ratings and available terminations

The following table provides availability of cable ratings and terminations:

Max Voltage Max Current Length Termination Termination Sleeving Color
3.3 Adc 55 Adc 100 Adc 160 Adc 223 Adc 310 Adc 1000 Adc1 T0 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5
600 Vdc 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 200, and 300 feet > B: Black
G: Green
O: Orange
R: Red
6000 Vdc
15000 Vdc >
20000 Vdc >

Termination definitions

Magna-Power offers various terminations for its cables in accordance with the cable ordering guide, above.

The following table defines the available terminations:

Termination Description Diagram Representation
T0 None Termination T0
T1 1" Stripped
Termination T1
55 Adc to 310 Adc Cable
Termination T1
3.3 Adc, 20 kV RG8-U Coaxial Cable
T2 1/4" Ring Terminal/Lug
Termination T1
100 to 310 Adc Cable
Termination T2A
55 Adc Cable
T3 3/8" Ring Terminal/Lug
Termination T3
100 to 310 Adc Cable
Termination T3A
55 Adc Cable
T4 Dual 3/8" Ring Terminal/Lug
(Cembre CL750-D38)
Termination T4
1000 Adc Cable
T5 Coaxial RG8-U
Termination T5
3.3 Adc, 20 kV RG8-U Coaxial Cable

Maximum current ratings

Magna-Power's DC power cables are offered in 7 different current ratings, which correspond to the wire gauge. Multiple cables may be connected in parallel for increased current capability. Refer to the MagnaDC or MagnaLOAD product diagram for number of available connection points.

All current ratings are specified at 60 °C cable temperature with 25 °C ambient temperature in free air.

The following tables provides the wire gauges corresponding to the specified current ratings:

Max Current Rating Wire Gauge
3.3 Adc RG8-U Coaxial Cable
55 Adc 10 AWG (Flexible)
100 Adc 4 AWG (Flexible)
160 Adc 1 AWG (Flexible)
223 Adc 2/0 (Flexible)
310 Adc 4/0 AWG (Flexible)
1000 Adc1 Custom Fabricated, 1.25" diameter (Flexible)

11000 Adc max current rated cable is compatible with T4 termination only.

Build your cable

Quickly build your Magna-Power DC power cable to your specification using the DC power cable configurator.

DC Cable Configurator