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Rugged Construction

Heavy-Duty Rack Enclosures, Made in USA

Magna-Power's heavy-duty cabinet enclosures—fabricated by Magna-Power and available with or without product integration—are trusted by customers across many industries, including: military and defense, aerospace, industrial research and development, product testing, and education.

Heavy-Duty Rack Enclosures, Made in USA

Cold-rolled USA 1008 steel

Magna-Power's cabinet enclosures begin with 12-gauge cold-rolled USA 1008 steel that gets bent and welded within Magna-Power's metal processing operations. The resulting heavy-duty frame is then powder coated, with ground-plane surfaces carefully masked.

EIA-310 standard

Four vertical EIA-310 rails spanning the length of the cabinet in the front and rear are fabricated from 12-gauge galvanized steel.

Casters or pedestal base

Standard 700-pound per caster rating with low resistance bearings allows heavy loads to be rolled with ease. An optional welded pedestal base increases the weight limit to over 4,000 lbs.

Cooling solutions

Simplified product installation with standard air and water cooling integrations

Beyond the installation, Magna-Power also provides necessary cooling integrations for its cabinet enclosures, designed to integrate with Magna-Power programmable DC power supplies and electronic loads. Different cooling solutions are provided, as standard, depending on whether the integrated products are air or water cooled.

2,300 CFM+ air cooling Icon

2,300 CFM+ air cooling

For air cooled products integrated into the enclosure, high-quality top-mounted fans are installed to pull air from the enclosure's bottom opening and exhaust from the top. A provided control transformer with separate fusing allows fans to be powered from the same voltage as the integrated products. In addition, an integrated relay ensures the fans are not turned on unless the integrated product's control power is enabled.

Copper water cooling manifold Icon

Copper water cooling manifold

For water cooled products integrated into the enclosure, a copper manifold is machined-to-order to provide a single inlet and outlet for the cabinet, with PEX tubing internally paralleling inlet and outlet cooling paths for the installed products.


Product integration

Complete product installation and testing with additional accessories available

Standard integration by Magna-power includes a full enclosed cabinet with casters and suitable cooling. Various additional accessories are available. Contact your Magna-Power sales partners for more information on custom integration.

Included standard with a Magna-Power cabinet enclosure

  • Heavy-duty welded cabinet
  • Side panels and blank spacers to cover front and rear
  • Fan cooling and integration (air cooled products only)
  • Water manifold and with parallel connections (water cooled products only)
  • Casters including two locking
  • Rear access panel per product (limit one per 3U)
  • Fixed rear support rails
  • Product installation and testing

Additional accessories available

  • AC power cables and connection
  • DC power cables and connection
  • AC breakers
  • Interconnection of DC bus work
  • Emergency stop button
  • Welded floor mountable pedestal base (replaces casters)
  • Anderson DC power connectors
  • DC output grommets



The following specifications are subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise noted, all specifications measured at the product's maximum ratings.

Physical Specifications
Specification Value
31.5" H x 24" W x 31.5" D (80.0 x 55.6 x 80.0 cm)
51" H x 24" W x 31.5" D (129.5 x 61.0 x 80.0 cm)
67" H x 24" W x 31.5" D (170.2 x 61.0 x 80.0 cm)
74" H x 24" W x 31.5" D (188.0 x 61.0 x 80.0 cm)
30Ux2 (60U Total)
67" H x 48" W x 31.5" D (170.2 x 121.9 x 80.0 cm)
36Ux2 (72U Total)
74" H x 48" W x 31.5" D (188.0 x 121.9 x 80.0 cm)
30Ux3 (90U Total)
67" H x 72" W x 31.5" D (170.2 x 182.9 x 80.0 cm)
36Ux3 (108U Total)
74" H x 72" W x 31.5" D (188.0 x 182.9 x 80.0 cm)