Technical Notes


A technical paper on Magna-Power Electronics signature current-fed power processing topology with a comparison to alternative approaches to high-power switch-mode power supply design.  More

Magna-Power's signature current-fed topology is ideal for charging ultracapacitors, which appear as a short-circuit load when fully discharged. This application note explains the unique load characteristics of ultracapacitors and how to best configure them with Magna-Power products.   More

Modulation allows a set point adjustment of voltage or current by another input. Modulation signals can be derived from an external device, such as a thermistor, or from sampling output current or voltage. When used with software containing advanced numerical methods, feeding output voltage or current to adjust set point current or voltage allows user defined output profiles.Modulation can be introduced into the control loop by adding a variable to the set point or by multiplying a variable to the set point.  More

Application Overview

For battery or capacitor charging, Magna-Power power supplies will operate in constant voltage or constant current operation, with autocrossover when the battery's nominal voltage is reached. In addition, the high slew rate option lowers output capacitance and bleed resistance, eliminating the requirement of a blocking diode.  More

This technical note describes Magna-Power's solutions for solar emulation and inverter testing as exemplified through its solar emulation software package, high slew rate output option for higher bandwidth, high output isolation voltages and harmonic neutralizing technologies for low total harmonic distortion.   More

Magna-Power Electronics products satisfy power requirements for electrodionization (EDI), other electrode based water treatment methods, and electrolysis. Standard 400 Vdc models meet voltage requirements for the most common EDI modules. In addition, water cooling enables reliable operation even in harsh environments.  More


A guide to using the rear isolated 37-pin analog-digital I/O connector for PLC integration or for real-time external control.  More

With thousands of power supplies in the field, Magna-Power frequently works with customers to ensure proper power supply operation for their applications. This technical note discusses five frequently seen problems and measures for correcting them, including: power supply grounding, line voltage, switching remote sense leads, over current trip fault, operating environment.  More

The peak-to-peak output voltage measurement requires a setup that is difficult for customers to replicate. This article explores the methods and physical apparatuses used by Magna-Power to measure peak-to-peak output voltage ripple.  More


A guide to interfacing a Magna-Power product with MATLAB and building a standalone MATLAB executable.   More

Products with the D Version front panel can be used as a power waveform generator, cycling through voltage and current steps over time. This technical note explains the process with a ramp generator sequence example.  More